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What’s This About Gay People Knowing God? 

Feeling a bit “left behind”? Worry no more! The Gay Guy Who Knew God is Siya Khumalo, author of You Have To Be Gay To Know God (Kwela Books, 2018).

The Triquetra on the Book of Shadows, a magical tome from Charmed

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Siya is a socio-political commentator who speaks and writes on religion, politics and sex. These three topics form what he describes as “the triquetra of power”.

The triquetra is a symbol recently popularised by the TV series Charmed, a show about three sister witches (the “Charmed Ones”) who together possess “the Power of Three” — the greatest force of good magic in history. But there was a time before this when Christians called the triquetra, the Irish trinity knot. It symbolised another power of three: God in Three Persons, the Christian Holy Trinity.

Religion, Politics, Sex: this triad regulates the flow of power in our world. And this power is often used to oppress. The Gay Guy Who Knew God documents the project of unmasking these powers.

Siya Khumalo grew up in a Durban township where one sermon could whip up a lynch mob against those considered different. Drawing on personal experience — his childhood, life in the army, attending church, and competing in pageants — Khumalo explores being LGBTQI+ in South Africa today. In You Have to Be Gay to Know God, he takes us on a daring journey, exposing the interrelatedness of religion, politics and sex as the expectations of African cultures mingle with greed and colonial religion.

You Have to be Gay to Know God is now available in stores (e.g. Exclusive Books, CNA, etc.) and please visit our purchase page for more options. 
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